World of Warcraft – 7 WoW Items to Buy and Resell for Easy Gold

Every World of Warcraft player asks the question “how can I make easy gold?” Buying and reselling effectively can make your questing and travels through Azeroth a lot more fulfilling.
I have 7 staple Items that are easily bought and resold, for profit. You may decide to buy out everything available, up to a certain price, and resell it for a tidy profit. You may also aim for a longer term profit and try to corner an entire market for days at a time. The latter is easily achieved if you have a proportionate amount of gold to afford to buy out everyone who undercuts you. I have managed to reset prices for 20-30 items, at the same time. No matter how many level 70 and 80 characters there are, there will always be a need for basic Trade items and supplies.

  1. Wool Cloth – Used for Tailoring, First Aid, and gaining Reputation with Orgrimmar (repeatable). This is an easy market to corner around 40 silver each.
  2. Copper Ore – The first resort in leveling Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Engineering. Copper Ore is always in need.
  3. Mageweave Cloth – Used for Tailoring and First Aid. This is an easy market to corner around 35 silver each.
  4. Netherweave Cloth – Used for Tailoring and First Aid. This is an easy market to corner around 30 silver each.
  5. All Leather – Every type of Leather in World of Warcraft is easily bought and resold. These markets are easily cornered for large short-term profits.
  6. Linen Cloth – Used for Leatherworking, Tailoring and First Aid. A very easy market to set your own price if you can afford to keep it yours.
  7. Vision Dust – I know it is a strange one to include, but it’s used by all mid and high level Enchanters at some point. Vision Dust is a Disenchant product, so the availability will depend on Enchanters breaking down Green items between level 35-45ish. With that said, it is a great item to buy out whenever you see it cheaper than average. After getting an inventory going, buy out everything reasonable and set your own price.

Depending on the server you are on, there may be plenty of other items where these same rules apply. I would also recommend an Add-on such as Auctioneer to help you bottom scan and keep track of your WoW finances. Having a record of what you paid for items, and what they sold for, comes in real handy when you decide on what to invest in next.

Happy Questing! All of your comments and suggestions are welcome.