OSRS Top Quest Rewards


Similar to the other MMORPG games, Old School RuneScape has numerous quests that you can complete as a player to achieve various rewards. These osrs quest rewards can be anything from wielding powerful items to unlocking new spells and locations. There are also many quests that offer shortcut quest experience rewards osrs, that’ll help you easily travel around Gielinor and complete the quest. Without dragging the introduction section further, let’s begin with the article.


Dragon Slayer: Also known as the final quest in OSRS as a F2P (Free to play) player. Dragon Slayer is important for both; members and non-members to complete. But the question that arises is ‘Why?’ Well, the answer is obvious, because you cannot equip Rune Plate Body, until or unless you finish this quest. Rune is basically the best defensive F2P armour in-game, and not being able to wear it because of a quest puts you at a disadvantage. At the initial stage of the game, even members want this armour variant, because it’s a good alternative until it can be replaced with something better, such as Dragon Full Armour. This quest is also a key component of the osrs best quest order.

Lost City: Being a P2P member of the game, you’ll obviously want to use dragon weapons at a later stage. However, important weapons like Dragon Longsword or Dragon Daggers cannot be wielded, until the quest Lost City is completed. So, if you’ve just jumped from Rune weapons as a F2P player to Dragon weapons as a P2P player, then you’ll for sure want to complete this quest.

Fairy Tale 1 & 2: Do you want to travel places to places in Gielinor with the help of simple codes (ABC)? Then there’s no better way to do it than using the Fairy Ring. This quest grants you access to use the Fairy Ring network that is located in various places around the world. It helps you to easily travel from one place to another by simply entering the code to the area, but there are also locations that you can’t teleport to until you have the required Magic level. This is quite an efficient way to complete Treasure Trails and other quests that requires you to travel long distances.

Desert Treasure: An important member quest for players who are more preferrable towards magical combat. Completing the Desert Treasure osrs quest rewards you with access to the Ancient Magicks Spell Book. This spellbook has extremely powerful spells with whole different casting mechanics, along with teleports to various cities that aren’t available on any other spellbook or teleportation items. However, once you change into this spellbook, you won’t be able to use the normal one that has your regular city teleports. That’s why it’s recommended to switch to it when you’re in need to battle against strong enemies that can only be defeated using powerful spells. The Ancient Magicks Spell Book includes Blood Spells (heals a portion of your health through the damage dealt), Ice Spells (deals damage and freezes the enemies at the spot for a duration of times), and Smoke Spells (deals damage and poison the enemy target).

Heroes’ Quest: One of the most formidable weapons is the Dragon Battle Axe, but you cannot wield it. The reason is that it requires you to complete the Heroes’ Quest so that you can be granted the ability to wield the weapon. Another benefit of the quest is that you can access the Heroes’ Guild, which allows you to charge your Amulet of Glory (an item used for teleportation means).

Legends’ Quest: Being a top-tier quest, you are required to have a specific amount of quest points in order to start it. In this quest, you have to travel around in the world of Gielinor and complete the herculean feats before they’re finally admitted to the guild. However, the trouble is entirely worth it because once you finish the quest, you’ll gain the ability to equip Dragon SQ Shields and the Cape of Legend. Along with it, you’ll also be granted 7,650 XP in four skills, as well as the ability to charge your Skill Necklace (an item used for teleportation means) within the guild itself.

Mourning’s End 1 & 2: It is the sixth and seventh quest that relates to the elf quest series, and they’re quite long and challenging because of the various puzzles that you have to solve along the journey. However, once you’ve completed both the quest, you’ll gain access to the Death Altar (you’ll be able to craft Death Runes here for profit), you’ll have the entire access to the Abyssal Rift, and you’ll be able to kill Dark Beasts whenever you like (they’re quite rewarding).

One Small Favour: The quest basically sends you off to various places around Gielinor, because every time you ask an NPC for help, he or she will ask you something in return. Therefore, you’ll be travelling to a lot of places. But in the end, everything will work out perfectly, as you’ll be awarded a bunch of skill experience. Thus, making the quest completely worth it.